Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Same sex adoption in Washtenaw County

Mix Cox is running for Governor but why does he ignore this issue of judges in Washtenaw County have been breaking the law? What will he ignore if becomes the Governor?

Michigan law only allows couples married to each other to adopt. See M.C.L. §710.24; Matter fo
Adams, 473 N.W.2d 712 (Mich. App. 1991)(holding that two persons not married to each other
cannot jointly adopt a child). In 2004, Michigan’s Attorney General issued an opinion that same sex couples who are legally married in another state may not adopt in Michigan as a couple
because Michigan does not recognize same-sex marriages from other states, nor does it allow
same-sex couples to marry in Michigan. See Op. Mich. Att’y Gen 7160 (2004).
Michigan Chief County Judge Archie Brown issued a memo on June 4, 2002, banning judges throughout Washtenaw County from awarding second-parent adoptions to the unmarried partners of biological parents. This appears to prohibit second-parent adoptions by same-sex couples throughout the state, since Ann Arbor’s Washtenaw County was the only one of the state’s 83 counties where such adoptions were granted. See Memo: Judge Archie C. Brown to JuvenileDivision Staff, June 4, 2002; Detroit Free Press, July 25, 2002.

****This is from a news article and not from me****
Chief Judge Archie Brown in June of 2002 made national news when he ordered his clerks not to accept adoption applications from unmarried couples and re-assigned all such pending cases before other judges in his circuit to himself. The significance of this ruling was to prevent gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. Washtenaw County had been the only one of the 83 counties in Michigan to allow such couples to engage in the adoption process. Judge Nancy Francis had been the first judge to permit such adoptions and Judge Donald Shelton continued the practice. The impetus for Brown’s action was a request from conservative Chief Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan directed to Brown to prevent such adoptions; Brown responded by issuing a directive to judges in his circuit not to allow such adoptions. Judge Shelton resisted this directive by responding that Brown had no authority to direct him on how to interpret the law as his authority as the circuit’s chief judge only encompassed administrative matters. Brown replied by re-assigning such pending cases to himself and dismissing those adoption applications. This conduct of Brown imposed a profound and devastating hardship on those unmarried couples who were already well along in the adoption process in Washtenaw County. The American Civil Liberties Union and gay and lesbian advocacy groups did all they could to oppose Brown but it was to no avail; Brown caved in to Corrigan and would not budge. In the 2004 22nd Circuit Court judicial elections, gay and lesbian advocates supported a write-in opposition to Brown and over 1,600 write-in votes were recorded against Brown, including over eighty in one City of Ann Arbor precinct alone. Larry Kestenbaum was one of the local elected officials who spoke out against Brown’s actions. I salute Messrs. Shelton and Kestenbaum as well as the ACLU in 2002 for their actions in opposing Brown’s conduct, which many saw as a thinly-veiled attempt to discriminate against the gay and lesbian community. I wish to express my earnest desire that an acceptable candidate file to run against Chief Judge Archie C. Brown in 2010 so that what occured in 2002 cannot happen again; this opportunity was squandered in the 2004 22nd circuit judicial election.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tesslynn O'Cull, Riley Sawyers and Ricky Holland

Whistle-Blower Richard I. FIne Tells All on The Alex Jones Show 2/2

CPS of Washtenaw County is corrupted and it filters all the way to DHS in Lansing along with Mike Cox's office.

Let me say this from the bottom of my heart CPS of Washtenaw County is corrupted and it filters all the way to DHS in Lansing along with Mike Cox's office. I have the proof or I would not state any of this.
How many state agencies does it take to keep the TRUTH suppressed? My history speaks for itself, I'm not new to doing an investigation or understanding if someone has not a thorough investigation. DHS to the Attorney General's Office is corrupted. These agencies who are suppose to be protecting children as Mandated Reporters have been protecting a criminal by covering up lack of one by not doing their job. What happen to protecting the children that is what they are getting paid to do?
Let's take a look in Joyce A. Mansfield record and how many times she has lied on the stand... How can she not be prosecuted for lying on the stand and destroying lives? How many times does someone have to ask CPS to provided them with the records of an investigation before CPS will finally turn over the records? Please do not insult my intelligence any further Mr. Yager and turn over the records. You are corrupted.